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Barnard Hughes
Joel Schumacher
ratings: 7,4 / 10
Genre: Horror

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I am a huge fan of Vampire films me but this one made my skin crawl teenage Vampires up to no good in a town known for murder’s unaware it’s invested with Vampires. Main vampire David and his group of rebels hunt on residents and generally wreck havoc, the film starts as two brothers come to the town of Santa Carla known as the murder capital of the world “Sigh” come to visit there mad old grandpa with there mum in tow, they think they have found paradise until they meet the vampire biker gang run by David. The older brother Michael the rebelis brother finds himself attracted to the most attractive woman in town called Star unaware she too is hiding a secret she too is a vampire and one of David’s gang she lures Michael into her trap and he becomes a member of the gang. Michael finds himself trapped in himself eventually becoming what he fears the most, he must keep his new form a secret and protect the younger brother, star finds herself attracted to him at this point leading to one of weirdest sex scenes ever. Michael must choose to destroy the vampire Clan and protect the one he loves he kills a vampire member to set them off steaking him in the heart but like most vampires they usealy turn too dust this one doesn’t “sigh again” Michael is joined by some local vampire hunters two brothers suprise suprise. They seek out to destroy the clan, they lure the vampire gang to there house and one by one they perish leaving only David and Michael left in a fight to the death. But here’s the twist Michael kills David you think that’s the end of it but no the actual head Vampire is a man working at the local Video store who ends up in a realationship with the mother WTF confusing I know surprisingly the biggest vampire film of the 80s welcome to the 21st century.

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While this film definitely isn’t the best vampire film ever made, it does have its moments. It also predates the current fascination with vampires in youth culture by about five or six years, which makes it a tad pioneering in that aspect.
Kiefer Sutherland has the dominate look in this the Coreys Haim & Feldman provide much of the comic relief as two of the vampire hunters. Think of it as a more adult version of the Goonies.
The movie provides a few memorable scenes, especially the trail trestle and the bathtub scene, that have been emulated or parodied in some way elsewhere. The Lost Boys doesn’t really live up to the title, but it is a fun film to definitely should be on everyone’s vampire list.

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